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1500 Placements in 2014

We had a great year in 2014, placing nearly 1500 candidates in new roles!

It is our pleasure to share with you that we had a great year in 2014, placing just under 1500 candidates in new roles within companies in Dorset and Hampshire. That’s 1500 people starting new roles and developing their career. We hope each person loves their new job. We love ours - each person placed in a new role makes everyone at Rock happy. Of these placements, around 600 were in temporary positions and 900 were permanent roles. Both departments at Rock are busy throughout the year.

This matches the trend across the UK, where recruitment agencies helped over 630,000 people find a permanent job last year, and on any given day 1.15 million people were working on a temporary assignment they secured via a recruitment agency. These statistics are from the REC and they show one of the reasons why we have seen record employment, and also why unemployment has fallen at an unprecedented speed.

The REC goes on to say that “The UK’s flexible labour market is helping the UK keep more people in work than other European countries and should be better appreciated by business. Employers are waking up to the benefits of keeping their core workforces lean and then flexing when they have peaks in demand or they require specialist skills. It’s also apparent that more people choose to work as agency workers, contractors or freelancers because it fits around their other commitments.”

So, it seems that nationally, recruiters have emerged from the recession as leaner and smarter operators, which is also true of Rock. Today’s market is a challenging one, but it’s still one in which high-quality recruitment is needed.

1. We are fair, legal and ethical in our resource planning and recruitment procedures, with
specific regard to actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
2. We exercise good recruitment practice and apply this equally to temporary, contract, fixed
term, zero hours and part-time workers.
3. We deliver a high standard of candidate experience, with ongoing communication during the
recruitment process, including two-way feedback for all those interviewed.
4. We offer flexible working arrangements and adaptive working practices, wherever possible,
as a way of boosting inclusion and attracting talent.
5. We ask that those managing and delivering the recruitment process (whether internal staff
or external providers) work to recognised standards, undertake any relevant training/qualification,
and commit to continuous development.
6. We ask that our external recruitment providers are signed up to industry codes of practice and
demonstrate a commitment to good recruitment practice.
7. Our supply chain delivers good recruitment practice throughout, including where
different resourcing models, such as recruitment process outsourcing or vendor
arrangements, are in place.
8. We help to address youth employment through our recruitment procedures;
for example, through the provision of apprenticeships and traineeships,
and by working with recruitment organisations who have signed up to
the REC’s Youth Employment Charter.
9. We regularly review our recruitment procedures with feedback from
candidates (those appointed and not appointed) and keep up-to-date
with new recruitment/resourcing approaches.